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We credit quite a bit of our prosperity for our administration holder’s suggestions since individuals perceive quality, adequacy, and craftsmanship in the entirety of our work. Our rundown of fulfilled customers ranges from first time purchasers, through to purchase to-let proprietors, mortgage holders, property engineers, and prestigious domain operators. Our polished methodology clarifies why most of our clients and customers have been with us for endless years.

About Us

Our group of qualified plumbers in Edinburgh is prepared to react to day in and day out hour with affirmed hardware and items. Our emergency plumber in Edinburgh utilizes we are nearby plumber in Edinburgh, Scotland based business with a pleased convention of extraordinary client care which offers qualitiful types of assistance to our significant customers and We discover the verbal exchange and client suggestions drive our business achievement. 

Services We Offer

We offer complete solutions to your plumbing, gas, drainage, and heating needs in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are consistently prepared to serve, our emergency plumbers are so master at their work that you will be tension free when they showed up at your place.  


We have a group of qualified local plumber engineer who provides careful

Determination in various situation for your office or house. They have the ability to work in a small place without losing temper . Our plumbers are genius to done their job in - fix piping problems, blockage toilets and drains, clean kitchen sewages and any plumbing installations for instance new pipes, bathroom equipment, kitchen stuff, etc.

Here are some  most common plumbing issues that people are facing nowadays-

  • Leaky pipes

  • Faulty water heater

  • Low water pressure

  • Dripping Faucets 

  • Slow draining sink

  • Clogged bath or shower drain

  • Clogged toilet

  • Running toilet

  • Jammed garbage disposal

  • Sewer system backup

Those basic issues can make a ruined domain on your premises. So we are here to fix-up those issues securely with low costs.


Our heating engineers Edinburgh are so professional at their work, they are always keen to serve you for any simple issue regarding your heating problems.

They are also expert on heating Installations for your bathroom, kitchen, etc.

There are few effective problems on heating that you might be facing in your office or living place-

  • Leaking

  • Radiators faults

  • Boiler breakdown

  • Frozen condensate pipe

  • Low boiler pressure

  • Thermostat issues

  • Boiler won’t turn on

  • Gurgling, Banging or whistling noises coming from your boiler

Those problems are quite easy or common to handle for our Heating Engineers Edinburgh. Our Heating Engineers are so friendly, adjustable, and reliable that any kind of heating issues will be demolished by them within a limited time.

Pro Plumber Edinburgh Heating


Our gas engineer Edinburgh is so well known with remarkable reviews that clients are always satisfied with their service. They are specialists in repairing any sort of gas problem. We do our work quite safely with a quick response.

Our engineers are very friendly that service holders can easily discuss with any kind of difficulty.

There are countless gas appliance shortcomings. Some are significantly more genuine than others. Our gas engineers have encountered a broad rundown of issues and faults. No issue is too large for our gas engineers. In case you're encountering issues with your gas appliance please reach us as quickly as possible as now and then the littlest issue can have underlying risks. Be gas safe!


Our local plumber has magnificent results in piping and maintaining drainage services by using the best technology and equipment. They’re also good at find out the actual problems such as drain jetting, drain unblocking, blocked toilets, and tree roots removal with a better solution. 


*There are most common drainage problem that will suffer you are mention below:-

  • Blockages

  • Displaced/Open joints

  • Fractures and Cracks

  • Root Intrusions 

  • Collapsed or Broken Sections of Pipe

Our Emergency plumbers Edinburgh are always ready to serve you and fix those Drainage issues instantly within a limited time period with the affordable cost you can bear.  

Pro Plumber Edinburgh Drainage
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Plumber in Edinburgh, Scotland The Professionals Plumbing service, our primary goal is client assistance, however we can't support you in the event that we don't get with you! Whatever your plumbing needs, be it emergency plumbing administration for a living residence or a plumbing fixture Installations for a business project, we look forward to helping you. Contact us now

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Fantastic plumber - absolutely saved the day when a plumbing emergency meant that a new born baby was in a flat without heating during a cold spell. Bill went above and beyond to help restore the heating as quickly as possible and his ongoing advice on solving a tricky problem has been invaluable. Highly recommended.

Gemma Hurst

Called as I have a leak coming through the roof from our water tank. Someone turned up within half an hour and fixed the problem within an hour. First-class service! Could not fault and would not hesitate to recommend it.

Thanks again.

Lee Adams

Phoned emergency plumbers Edinburgh and Bill were here within an hour, as he said. The problem was solved quickly and efficiently. He also had a good look around the sink and noticed a few issues that concerned him. So we took note on that. I 100 % recommend their services 


John Marsh